Creating innovative methods to foster cost-efficient manufacturing solutions without leaving an ecological footprint.

Innovative Business Solution

Utilizing traditional product development methods in new modern ways we create gorund breaking solutions.

“Our mission here at Eko-Logical is to provide cost efficient manufacturing solutions while completely removing any bad enviromental impact, all whith having end-consumer on the first place.”


European Union Needs an Alternative

From 2021 EU will ban some of the currently used plastic products, including plastic straws. That will create a huge demand in the market for a plastic straw alternative.

  • Health issues when used
  • Negative for environment 
  • 100 million plastic straws consumed daily in EU

Biodegradable Straws

Biodegradable straws our currently one of the possible alternatives for plastic straws. However, they only decompose if disposed of properly otherwise they cause the same issues as plastic straws.

  • Hard to decompose
  • Requires special recycling

Paper Straws Aren't Good

Paper straws are one of the most popular alternatives to plastic straws. But studies show that glue mixture these straws are comprised from is cancerogenic for humans to consume.

  • Unsafe to use

The Wooden Straw

We invented a new way to manufacture straws. Using the standard “shaping method” adjusted and tweaked for better performance we are able to create the perfect straw.

From just one tree we have the amount of wood needed to create at least 1 million straws, that is 10000 straw packages.

Because we have such high resource consumption efficiency we are able to sell one straw for 0.02€. That makes us the most competitive wooden straw producers in the market.


We can do anything together!

Filip Golomé

Graphic and Multimedia Designer

Damjan Puljić

Master of Mechanical Engineering

Luka minified for Website
Luka Šaravanja
Chief Scientist

(PhD candidate)
Master of Mechanical Engineering

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Our Reason & Goal

Starting from 2021. the EU has forbidden plastic straw consumption by law because of their bad impact on the environment, human health, animals, and problems with proper disposal. Since there will be a huge demand for a straw alternative, we have decided under the IEEE Innovation Nation program to find a solution. By scraping the wood using the shaping method we get wooden straws in a single move. With this process, we can produce large amounts of straws that would be used in everyday use. With minimal funding, the production could be established in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are asking for 250.000€ of funding to start the production with a capacity of 100.000 straws per day. In just 90 days of receiving the funding, we want to get the entire operation running and reach at least 100 sales.

We’re fast. We’re the best. You should invest.